Where personal training accountability meets the support of fit friends.

Small Group Personal Training

Unlock the benefits of personal training in a fun supportive group environment! With group sizes of just 6 people, you will get the personalized attention from a certified personal trainer at the most affordable price point!

Gain confidence in the gym with workouts in a classroom setting and on the gym floor!

Veracity Fit Workouts

Each of the 3 weekly workouts are designed to challenge your endurance, strength and coordination in new ways! 

The combination of body weight, free weight, machines, and HIIT cardio will get you moving toward all your #fitnessgoals

#1 Strength workout in Studio

#2 Strength workout on the Gym floor

#3 HIIT Cardio workout


Meet Raquel

Raquel joined Veracity Fit group training to lose weight and learn how to properly exercise. 

In just a few short months she lost 15 lbs but what she gained in strength and confidence is even more impressive! Watch her progress!   

“I have seen so much growth personally. I used to not be able to do a plank at all, maybe 5 seconds, and now I’m up to 30 seconds! And I can do pushups” 

“The atmosphere is so positive, I just love it!” 

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Step 3

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